The Essence of Glass Collectors


Searching for love, the great feeling (the greatest of all emotions), often close to obsession, we found the glass collectors, whose boundless passion absolutely strikes us.


For many of these collectors, the longing for glass has roots reach back to childhood days, when they became eager glassmarble or glass shard collectors. Later, depending on personality and living conditions, the passion went on with bottles, drinking glasses, vases, kitschy crystal, glass design classics, as well as contemporary glass art installations. And no matter what glass collectors collect – they share the same passion!


As endlessly versatile glass ist as a material, as versatile are its collectors: from the art historian to the IT engineer, from wealthy to poor. Glass collectors are as wonderfully crazy as collectors in general are – and for us even more exciting, because also we are glass enthusiasts ourselves!


We would like to answer the following questions:

• How does one become a glass collector?

• What does the life of a glass collector look like? How does the passion for glass affect the collectors’ every day life?

• Is collecting a solitary or also communicative, social occupation?

• Is it true that glass art collectors in many respects behave fundamentally different from common art collectors?